Tableau + Microsoft Teams

Connect Tableau and Microsoft Teams and get reports directly into your Teams channels. Turn analytics into action.


Why use Microsoft Teams for reporting

Faster Communication

With your team gathered around your data, spotting issues and taking action becomes a team effort that integrates into your workflow.

Scheduled reports

Deliver scheduled reports of Tableau Views and dashboards as Image, PDF or CSV to any MS Teams channel.

Improve Reporting

People can add reactions to reports, so you can learn how they are using your reports and use that feedback to improve your reporting.

Add Kiwi to Microsoft Teams!

Follow these simple steps to add Kiwi to Microsoft Teams and start to make the most of your Tableau Reports!

Start by adding Kiwi to your Microsoft Teams

Click on the button to the right to add Kiwi from the Microsoft Teams store to your account.

Connect a Scheduled Report with a Microsoft Teams Channel

Having connected your Tableau system and creating a scheduled report you can connect it to any channel in Microsoft Teams.

Automatically Keep all Colleagues Up-To-Date

Now enjoy using Kiwi. Automatically receive your Reports in Microsoft Teams and never miss an insight again.

You are all set!

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