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Changing how we work with Data

Kiwi is a new way of doing Business Intelligence — changing the way you and your team interact with data. Sharing Data from Tableau with your team becomes fast & easy. So you can collaborate within context and make smarter decisions.

tableau msteams

Tableau + MS Teams

Finally, Tableau meets Microsoft Teams. Automated Distribution and BI Visibility.

Faster Communication

With your team gathered around your data, spotting issues and taking action becomes a team effort that integrates into your workflow.

Scheduled reports

Deliver scheduled reports of Tableau Views and dashboards as Image, PDF or CSV to any MS Teams channel.

Improve Reporting

People can add reactions to reports, so you can learn how they are using your reports and use that feedback to improve your reporting.

tableau slack

Tableau + Slack

Tableau meets Slack. Search, Request and Share Insights.


Request & Receive any Tableau report right within your Slack channel or team without leaving.


Analyse your reports in channels or threads together - even with people of other departments.

Gain Insights

Gain new insights by increasing visibility of your data and adding context to any channel or conversation.

See Reactions

Anyone in your team can add their reactions to a report. Depending on how people react to certain metrics, Kiwi improves its notification pattern.

kiwi slack bg

Scheduled Reports

Distribute recurring reports to anyone via Slack, MS Teams or E-Mail.

Pixel-perfect Reports

Pixel-perfect reports can be send to anyone using Slack, MS Teams or E-Mail.

In- & External Recipients

Send custom-tailored reports to your management, external clients or internal departments.


Include PDF, CSV and images. You can even merge PDFs from multiple workbooks into one file.

Filtered Reports

Apply any available filter or parameter to your report and send personalised reports.

Flexible Subscriptions

Define subscriptions for your users or let them decide which reports they want to receive in what frequency.


Use webhooks to trigger reports by external applications or processes, e.g. when your ETL has finished.

Kiwi admin portal

Manage Data Sources, Schedules, Messages and Permissions. All in one place.


Keep track of any report that was send to or requested by someone.


Manage your Tableau Connection and setup rules for monitoring.

Permissions & Roles

Define permission groups and roles to restrict access to certain Tableau reports and contents.

Customize Views

Hide certain dashboards and organise your Tableau contents to only show what's relevant.

Enrich reports

Guide users through complex data by adding descriptions and explanations to your views and dashboards.

Kiwi Admin Portal

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